Learning to take criticism as a writer

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There is this self-acclaimed perfectionism that is common with most writers. There is that ardor of creative infallibility that many writers are incorrectly doused with. Of course, as a writer, you are supposedly the Lord and Master of your pen. You are that expert tailor of words who can barely sew threads of words together inaccurately into a wrong content outfit. Yes, all this common.

taking criticism

It, however, gets disturbing as some writers lock themselves in the cocoons of their opinions. Their ears bent in a subjective poise they could barely hear inputs or feed-back on their article. Some writers would see a little spoonful of criticism as a bitter mouthful they find hard to swallow, least digest into their creative metabolism responsible for processing their write-ups. Some writers proudly uphold themselves in some aristocratic frenzy expecting their audience to dance to them and never the other way round. This level…

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How to Prepare Government Contract Proposals



Let’s face it, growing a small business can be tough and bringing on new clients top the list as one of its main stressors.  It is likely that at some point you have or will consider selling your goods or services to a government entity and understanding the process is critical to your outcome. There are many tools out there, but the SBA has created a resource that breaks down the process step-by-step.  Trust me, understanding the basics is key.  In addition to this federal resource, here’s a webinar called Crafting the Winning Bid for the State of Maryland.  This will give you an idea how the federal procurement process works vs state and other local entities. Happy pitching everyone!

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Finding time

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There are lots of blogs about finding the time to write. People say that they’d write a book, if they had the time but the truth is you find the time for what you really want to do. It’s about priorities. Friends ask me how I manage to find the time with four children. It’s a good question.

My secret is that at certain times of the week, I make writing my top priority. Everything else gets put on hold. The washing, cleaning, tea prep, tidying up, appointment booking, school form filling, dishwasher stacking all waits until after I’ve done my writing. The flip side to this technique is that I don’t try and write when it’s not my priority. So teatimes are out! If one of my children is ill, or needs taking somewhere, or there’s emergency emotional support needed, then writing doesn’t feature on my ‘To Do’ list…

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Are you an engine or an anchor?

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Are you an engine or an anchor?

When considering wordsmiths – both an engine and an anchor sound equally engaging. You may desire to drive your reader to greater heights of understanding but you also might desire readers remain synced in and focused on content. Is one better than the other? If we were talking relationships, such as those Sunil Bali discusses in his titles:

  • The Book of Awesome Humour: Quite Simply, One of the Funniest Books Apr 2012 | Kindle eBook by Sunil Bali
  • The Art of Awesome Living: An Inspirational Guide On How To Achieve More Success, More Easily, With Less Apr 2012 | Kindle eBook by Sunil Bali
  • Mind, Set & Match: How To Do The Work That You Were Born To Apr 2012 | Kindle eBook by Sunil Bali

then the engine is our best friend and we’d favor the engine over the anchor . . .

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ZenCon, Art of Zen Consultancy Social Media Boot Camp #1

DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. through ZenCon An Art of Zen Consultancy’s Training Hive Group introduces a WordPress Blog Primer for entry-level use of WordPress.

All DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. authors are provided Publisher Blogs, Facebook Fan Pages and Twitter Fan Pages – these are hot-linked to over 25M end users and result in analytical gains across the Internet and this drives up TOP TEN status on retail sites such as AMAZON.

This is a resource for authors; however, it is also available to our readers and followers.

The current presentation is being updated to 2015.

* A thank you to Ms. Tracey Street of Nashville Tennessee for creating this primer for DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. through ZenCon An Art of Zen Consultancy’s, Training Hive Group.